GovindaMatch 2000 (ages 7 up)
involves matching different deities (authorized spiritual forms of the Supreme Lord) from temples around the world. With bonus questions based on the teachings of Bhagavad-Gita (Song of God) that pop up randomly during the game, you're sure to have a blast.
The Game Screen has 32 randomly hidden cards, for a total of 16 matches.
When a pair of deities are matched a piece of the mysterious background picture is reveled. Be sure to watch out for the bonus questions which pop up throughout the game. You don't want to miss 75 points and let your opponent steal the lead.
Game Options include: choice of background picture, bonus questions on or off, bonus questions read or not, high score saving with name, matches, and questions.

US: $4.00 Each

Search For Sita (ages 4 up)
The evil King Ravana, a 10 headed demon has stolen the most beautiful wife of Lord Rama. Now Mother Sita is trapped within the walls of Ravana's castle. Lord Rama gives his ring to his most trusted friend and devotee, Hanuman to give to Mother Sita when he finds her. This way she will know that her beloved is coming for her. It is up to you to help Hanuman find his way through the walls of Ravana's castle and bring the ring to Mother Sita. But you better hurry and find her before your time runs out!

This game has 14 different mazes and two Rakshasa gaurds on every one. Features include high score saving with your own name and an end of the level summary that shows how fast you did the maze.

US: $4.00 Each

Govinda Match (ages 3 up)
This colorful game includes two levels of play and is perfect for the young ones. Find the Match in Level 1 or Match up four sets of images to win and please Srila Prabhupada in Level 2.

Hidden Images Include:
Lord Krishna, Baby Krishna, Lord Jaganatha, and Hanuman

Govinda Match will keep track of how many clicks you have used, save high scores, play magical sounds, and randomize the cards each time you play. It's perfect for teaching memory and mouse skills to young ones.

US: $4.00 Each

The Krishna Kids (ages 5 up)
is a Mini Pocket Game that contains two programs on one CD.

The First is a multimedia comic book where the Krishana Kids learn about Paramatma (the Supreme Lord in the heart). Complete with 12 pages, voice narration and a bonus question with animation at the end.

The Second is the Skate Challenge where the Bhagavad Gitas have been stolen from the temple. It's up to you to find them all. You skate downtown through increasingly more difficult levels and have to avoid enemies, jump over logs, avoid trash cans and pick up health bonuses and the Bhagavad Gitas.
Game Options Include end of the level statistics and high score saving.

US: $4.00 Each

Gita Man (ages 7 up)
is Govindaware's fun action packed Pac Man style game. In each level you play Gita Man and must clear the level of all Ladhus. The Bhagavad Gita has been lost and each level contains 4 parts of 1 chapter. You must also pick up all four parts while dodging the Ghosts to finish the level. After each level there is a brief summary of what that chapter of Bhagavad Gita has in it. A great way to get to know the Bhagavad-Gita and have fun at the same time.

Each the maha fruit to slow down the ghosts or get a Bhagavad-Gita for a "Power Up". Complete with 18 levels and high score saving with you name.

US: $4.00 Each

Govardhana (all ages)
The Transcendental Face Making Game. Create your own magic!
This game allows you to select Govardhana's eyes, mouth, tilak, decorations and more. When your done you can print it and share it with your fiends. There are hundreds of possible combinations. Hours of fun for all ages.

Save up to 8 different creations that you can load at any time. Options include choice of background music and printing frame.

US: $4.00 Each

Puzzle Mania (ages 7 up)
If you like jigsaw puzzles then this is the game for you. Good for ages 6 to 60. Choose from 15 different pictures including. Radha & Krishna, Krishna & Balarama, Jaganatha, Nrshrimadeva, Gaura Nitai, The Universal Form, Krishna with his flute and more. The difficulty level can be set for each game ranging from easy (25 pieces or less) to hard (over 100 pieces) and anywhere in-between. The game is complete with a timer, high score board, rotating pieces, and auto solve wizard to help you out.

A mini pocket game that is fun for all ages.

US: $4.00 Each

Letter Blast (ages 4-8)
3 Games to Enhance Letter Recognition and Concepts

Govinda's Letter Blast is perfect for helping little one's with letter recognition and even spelling. Start with "Letter Match Up" where you have to match a letter from a random word with the level letter. Then move on to the "Vowel Chaser" where a random name of the Lord like Govinda or Keshava are missing a letter and you have to get as many as you can before the timer runs out. After that play the "3 Letter Catch" Where you have to catch 3 letters in order on your hover board in order to spell a word. Spell as many words as time allows to get a high score

*This game helps children to use a mouse and develop critical thinking skills.

US: $4.00 Each


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