Say It 2000 is a text to speech program that uses windows notepad. Any text that is cut and pasted into the txt file SayIt 2000 will read to you. This is very handy for those who can not read but still want to surf the web or receive email. You can even adjust the speed and pitch of the Say It 2000 voice. Say It 2000 will remember settings and position on start up. This small easy to use text to speech utility is a must have. Download it today!

Click For More Info Say It Pad is a complete text to speech application. Open any text file, save any text file, cut and past text from any source and SayIt pad will read it. No more saving to the say.txt file or using notepad! This self contained speech enhanced notepad is easy to use and full of features, like search for text and volume controls. Download a copy today!

Click for more info  Contact Manager is a database driven program that utilizes ODBC and will keep all of your contacts organized. This small, easy to use contact manager also keeps and unlimited size "note" page (unlike the old cardfile that comes with windows). Contact Manager can be downloaded in the download section of this web site.

Click for more info. Contact Manager Pro  is database driven program that utilizes standard ODBC found on most computers already. With Contact Manager Pro you can create custom list definitions and store your contacts in any of the lists. This small, easy-to-use contact manager also has a "note" field which allows carriage returns and tabbing for neat text formatting. Contact Manager Pro also features record printing, list printing, entire database printing, create new database, skin selection and a backup-and-restore function that will allow as many data sets as you need. Download today!.

Job Timer Job Timer is a simple timer that allows the user to start, stop and reset the timer at will. The timer is very useful to independent contractors like graphic artist, programmers, bookkeepers and many others. Visit our download section to download "Job Timer" today.

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